Best VPS Provider for Cryptocurrency Masternodes! Vultr Masternodes

Today I show you guys which VPS Provider is the cheapest & best VPS Provider for Masternodes! I am myself running multiple masternodes and tested alot of Providers already.
I came to the conclusion that in terms of price & quality, the Vultr VPS Server are the best currently. Below I will show you why.
Signup for Vultr: VULTR 

Vultr VPS Masternodes

Which VPS to choose for a Cryptocurrency Masternode?

On Vultr, I recommend to choose the VPS for 5$ with 1 CPU & 1GB Memory. Thats totally enough to run 2-3 Masternodes on 1 VPS. Alternatively, you could probably also run 1 Masternode on the cheapest VPS for 2.5$, however I wouldn’t recommend that.

Simple & Fast Backend

Vultr has a really fancy & fast backend with alot of options. You can configure Firewall, DNS, take snapshots & more! Sign in & check it out yourself: here 

Nice Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs are a good marketing Tool for them and also nice to have for the users. 🙂 You got a friend or so that also wants to host a Server / Masternode on Vultr? Just give him your link to sign up and you receive 10$ bonus!

Good & Fast Support

In my experience, they also have really good & fast support. They normally reply within an hour.

Quality Servers & Fast Deployment

In my experience, the Servers have been installed very fast. After choosing an OS, it automatically installs your VPS within a few minutes.

Multiple Locations

You can choose between multiple locations where you want to have your server hosted. From Frankfurt to New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo & alot more!

Feel free to use my Link to signup for a Vultr VPS: VULTR Signup 



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