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I bought my first Bitcoins in 2014 and since them I am addicted to cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile I have multiple altcoins in my portfolio and got alot of knowledge & tips from my crypto journey.

That’s why I have put together an eBook on how to invest / trade Cryptocurrencies! I think I can help out alot of people by sharing my valuable knowledge & tips. Avoid mistakes, maximize your profits & let your money work for you!

Crypto Investment Masterplan

In this guide, you will learn how to successfully evaluate cryptocurrencies, find cryptocurrency gems and how to use fundamental & technical analysis. I will also teach you how the crypto market works and how to use market psychology for your own financial gain.

Novice or Pro, we promise that you benefit!

Invest your money and Profit from the biggest Wealth Transfer in history happening right now.

Get your eBook now on!

Crypto Investment Masterplan

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Information about the Author

IT-Systemengineer / Administrator and Cryptocurrency Investor. In Bitcoin since 2014. Love to travel, going out, work with Computers & doing Blog Posts. Working & living in Switzerland. Bitcoin & Altcoin Investor. Operator of multiple Cryptocurrency Masternodes.

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