NEO GAS Calculator – Calculate your NEOGAS Rewards | is a NEO related Website which features a NEO GAS Calculator, NEO Balance Checker, NEO GAS Profit Calculator & more.
I developed this website myself & tried to make it as useful as possible for the NEO Community.

The GAS Reward Calculations are based on the NEO Whitepaper & Actual Block Generation Time for a more accurate GAS Reward Calculation.

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NeoToGas Android APP: NeoToGas on Google Playstore

NEO GAS Reward Calculator

Input how many NEO/s you own and calculate how much GAS yield that generates. You can switch the yield from GAS to BTC & USD.

Theory Calculation = GAS Yield Calculation based on the NEO Whitepaper.
Actual Calculation = Actual GAS Yield Calculation based on the current Block Generation Rate.

NEO GAS Calculator

NEO GAS Balance Check

Input your NEO / GAS Address and check how much NEO & GAS you currently have on that Wallet. It will also check for unclaimed GAS which you generated.
Below it also shows your Account Balance Value in $.

NEO GAS Balance

NEO GAS Profit Calculator

Calculate your NEO or GAS Profit with this neat Profit Calculator. Simply input the amount of NEO or GAS you bought at X Price. Calculate and see how much Profit you got so far!

NEO GAS Profit Calculator


Check it out:
NeoToGas Android APP: NeoToGas on Google Playstore


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