How to setup a Crave Masternode (Crave Masternodes)

crave masternode setup

Guide / Tutorial on how to setup a Crave Masternode on a Linux VPS.


  • Ubuntu VPS from VULTR (cheapest VPS is enough)
  • Crave Wallet on local Computer

Controllers Wallet = Wallet on local Computer
Masternode Wallet = Wallet on remote VPS Server

Ubuntu VPS Setup

If you don’t have a VPS already, get the 1GB Ram VPS from Vultr:  Rent VPS

Install Ubuntu OS onto it. (Ubuntu 16.04 x64 for example)

Connect to your Ubuntu VPS via SSH and update & upgrade the server first.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Now add a user and add him in the sudoers group so he has root access.

adduser crave
adduser crave sudo

Now change to user “crave” and setup SSH keys for enhanced Security.

su crave

ssh-keygen -b 4096
cd .ssh
cat >> authorized_keys

Now save the private key “id_rsa” to your clients computer so you can authenticate to the server with the SSH Certificate. (You must convert id_rsa to a “.ppk file in order to use the privatekey with Putty)

Restart the SSH Server and test if the authentication with the private key works.

sudo service ssh restart

If it works, edit the SSH config file to disable password authentication & root login.

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Change following Values in the file.

PasswordAuthentication no
UsePAM no
PermitRootLogin no

Crave Masternode Setup

First we must setup swap space, so we can run the Crave Masternode even with low ram. If we don’t setup swap space and have low ram, the compiling process will probably fail.

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.img bs=1024k count=1000
sudo mkswap /var/swap.img
sudo swapon /var/swap.img

Now we download the compiled crave wallet Software from
For Version “Crave v2.1.0.3” the download command is following

sudo wget

Now we extract the “archive”

sudo tar xzvf crave-
sudo rm -r crave-

The crave folder will be created with everything in. The file “craved” is located in /crave/src :

cd /crave/src

To start the wallet, you need to enter the src folder and simply type following

./craved -daemon

You should now get “Crave server starting”. When you start the wallet for the first time a new folder is created with the chain, the conf file and so in. This folder is located in the same repositery as the crave one.
For example if your crave folder path is /home/crave , then the new folder path is /home/.crave (sometimes its located in the /root folder).

Now you need to configure your wallet, first we need to close the wallet and edit the conf file

./craved stop
cd ..
cd .crave
sudo nano crave.conf

The “crave.conf” file should look something like that


Now we restart the wallet and we wait it the get fully synced

cd ..
cd crave/src

It should take some time to sync so be patient again.
To check the last block synced you can run

./craved getmininginfo

Crave Controllers Wallet Setup

Back on the local Computer, open your Windows wallet, go into the debug console and type

masternode genkey

Copy this string in a txt file, its your masternode priv key.

Now we create a new address to receive your 500 cravecoins, type in the console

getaccountaddress mn01

Copy the address printed in the txt file also.

Now send exactly 500 cravecoins to the address you just received and wait for 10 confirmations. You have to close the wallet now, we will reopen it later. Dont forget to backup your wallet.

Go to “%appdata%/crave/crave.conf” and add these 2 lines with your values. (rpcuser & rpcpassword from the vps)


Now we are going to edit your VPS conf file again but before the VPS wallet must be closed

./craved stop

Now open the “crave.conf” file again

cd .crave 
sudo nano crave.conf

Content of crave.conf needs to be changed to this



This one must be exactly the same as the Windows one but we added 4 more lines.
Port : select an open port, I recommend you to use 9999
masternodeaddr : you have to put your VPS ip and the port.
masternodeprivkey : its the string you got from the “masternode genkey” command before.

Now start the crave masternode again

./craved start

Open you Windows wallet again, you should have your 10 confirmations now.
Go into the debug console and type 

masternode outputs

A string will be printed, something like that : “aa7c6c173f7b691e5a070a37aeazd23557636ad1b4b43680ace39d522e1d4493” “1” . The first part is your transaction hash, the “1” is the index.
Save them in your txt file.

Connect to Crave Masternode

Now we gonna create the masternode.conf file.
In your wallet, click on the “Masternode” tab, you will see the list of active masternodes.
Click on My masternodes and on Create.

A box appears :
Alias : its name of your masternode, type mn01
Address : its the IP and the port you used in your VPS conf file, use the same.
Privkey : its your masternode privkey from the “masternode genkey” command.
TxHash : its the first part of the “masternode outputs” command, in my example its aa7c6c173f7b691e5a070a37aeazd23557636ad1b4b43680ace39d522e1d4493
OutputIndex : its the last number, in my case its 1

Click Ok and wait few seconds. A new entry is created, its your masternode. It should say that your masternode is not on the list.

To start it, unlock the wallet, and press start and you are done !

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