How to setup a PURE Masternode (PURE Masternodes)

pure masternode setup

Step by Step Masternode Guide on how to setup pure Masternodes on Windows. This Guide is for multiple Pure Masternodes. (You can also do it for only one)


  • Pure Wallet running on your local computer with 2,500 Pure for each masternode (amount of Pure needed for a masternode)
  • Static IP Address with open ports for masternodes

Preparing Pure Masternodes

1 – Choose the place where you will hold you masternodes directories (you need some freespace for every masternode)
2 – Create folder “PUREMN1” there
3 – Copy file “Pure-qt.exe” in folder “PUREMN1”
4 – Create in folder “PUREMN1” new folder “data”
5 – Copy file “blk0001.dat” and folder “txleveldb” in created folder “data”
6 – Rename “Pure-qt.exe” to the “Puremn1.exe”
7 – Open “Command Prompt” and type following Command:

 echo start puremn1.exe -datadir=./data > %homepath%/Desktop/startmn1.cmd

8 – Move file “startmn1.cmd” from Desktop to the “PUREMN1” folder
9 – Repeat the process from step 2 for each masternode you want to created, with
changing mn1 to mn2, mn3
10 – Run startmn1.cmd, startmn2.cmd and startmn3.cmd, wait for complete loading
wallets and complete syncing with blockchain
11 – Now you can exit from each running masternode wallets

Prepare Pure Controller Wallet

1 – Open your main wallet where you have your Pure
2 – Go to Receive tab
3 – Press button “New address” and enter “Masternode 1” in Label (do not check “Stealth address”)
4 – Send exactly 2500 PURE to this address
5 – Wait for 1 confirmation of transaction and go to the Debug console
6 – Run command “masternode genkey” and write down generated key (this is your
masternode private key)
7 – Run command “masternode outputs” and write down hexnumbers (this is your
masternode tx) and digit after “:” (this is tx index)
8 – Go to Masternodes tab and switch to the “My Masternodes”
9 – Press button “Create”
10 – Enter “Alias” – “MN1” (do not use spaces and special charatcers)
11 – Enter “Address” – “YOUREXTERNALIP:PORT” (your external white ip and port for
12 – Enter “Privkey” – masternode private key you generated with “masternode genkey”
13 – Enter “TxHash” – masternode tx from “masternode outputs” command
14 – Enter “Output Index” – tx index from “masternode outputs” command
15 – Now you can press “Ok”
16 – Repeat process from step 2 for MN2 and MN3. With renaming MN1 to MN2 and MN3 and changing port
17 – Press “Update” and you will see all three masternodes in list with status “Not in the masternode list.”

Configuring PURE Masternodes

1 – Go to “PUREMN1/data” folder
2 – Open ” pure.conf” in Notepad
3 – Add following Lines in there:


Replace PORT with port for your Masternode 1, IP:PORT with your external ip and the same port for you Masternode 1
Replace PRIVKEY with masternode private key you generated with “masternode genkey” in controller wallet for Masternode 1

4 – Save it and repeat process for Masternode 2 and Masternode 3.

Start Pure Masternodes

1 – Now you can start all your masternodes with “startmn1.cmd”, “startmn2.cmd” and “startmn3.cmd”
2 – Go to controller wallet, check that your coins in Masternode 1, 2 and 3 addresses have at least 15 confirmations.
3 – Go to Masternodes tab and switch to the “My Masternodes”
4 – Press “Start All”

Your masternode will be started now.
After some time, click update to see if its in the list and working

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  1. Hi, thanks for the explaination, but can you show a few screenshot and also i have a Mac so how can this be done on that. Please i am a complete Noob in this and want to learn how to create masternodes.

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