SpreadCoin to HeliumPay – What you need to know

A new Cryptocurrency called HeliumPay is about be released.

In order to launch Heliumpay, they decided NOT to start from scratch or make an ICO. They will escrow SpreadCoin (SPR) and convert it to HeliumPay instead. This means  People will get to claim whatever stake they have in Spreadcoin in a new coin called HeliumPay (HLM).

spreadcoin logo
Spreadcoin Logo

Everyone will be given plenty of notice about being able to claim their new coins and we won’t be short changing anyone. So if you claim your HLM’s you’ll have Spreadcoins and HLM coins in equal measure.

It won’t be some five minute process either. People that pop in once a year will still find they can redeem their HLM’s.

HLM is going to be a DASH fork. So it’s easier to use an escrow to redeem coins than try to create some fancy automated process. Only you and the escrow will know your coin holdings – so please take into account an escrow fee. We will need to cover off people that fancy chancing their luck and claiming and claiming and claiming using the same set of coins.

heliumpay logo
HeliumPay Logo

Overall the roadmap & whitepaper of HeliumPay looks promising and they are also going to have service & masternodes to provide service to the network.

Read more about HeliumPay: What is HeliumPay?

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